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No one likes a messy yard, end of story! The worst part is that all of the yard debris that’s been piling up over the months is far too large to dispose of in a normal way. Fear not, Classic Cleanouts is here to help! Our team of junk removal professionals specializes in hauling away all sorts of backyard clutter. From landscaping debris to simple shrubs and bushes, we’ve got all of your Boston yard waste removal needs covered. Located in Malden MA, we service northeastern Massachusetts and southern and seacoast New Hampshire.

What is Yard Debris Removal?

Yard Debris Removal means the waste items like tree branches, grass clippings, leaves, and other vegetation. It can also be called Brush Removal or Trimmings Removal. It is possible that your yard waste is collected on a scheduled basis for recycling purposes by the Municipality. If not, and you are looking for a professional, reliable, and affordable yard waste removal service for your home or office near Boston, give us a call or contact us online.

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We Make Boston Yard Waste REmoval Simple

Here at Classic Cleanouts, we take pride in making yard waste removal in Boston as convenient for you as possible.  Our service is simple, fast, and affordable, ensuring your unwanted yard debris is disposed of with little effort on your part. 


Simply book online or give us a call to schedule a junk removal appointment on whatever day and time fits your schedule best


Our junk removal professionals will show up on the date and time of the appointment and haul your unwanted junk out of your life for good.


As an eco-friendly junk removal company, we will dispose of your unwanted junk in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Yard Waste Pickup Items We Take In Boston MA

Many common yard waste items are made of natural materials that can be recycled. Recycling means that these natural materials can be used to create new products. Recycled items have a much smaller impact on the environment, as it decreases the need for additional resources and decreases pollution from incinerators. The following is a list of items that can be picked up from customers:

Yard Waste Removal Boston

How Much Does Boston MA Yard Waste Removal Cost?

Volume Of Junk

 We calculate how much of our truck you fill up (you may even have multiple loads) and add labor time for each worker who provides the junk removal. The more stuff you have, the longer it will take to remove all of it, and the more it will cost as a result.

Our trucks have 15-yard dumpsters on the back of them. This holds about the same amount as 4 pickup trucks would. Our pricing structure is broken down into 4 intervals from 1/4 of a truckload to 1 full truckload. This helps both us and you estimate how much stuff you have and how much a cleanout will cost.

Removal Time

The longer it takes us to remove the yard waste, the higher the cost of the job.  Removing just a few items may cost as little as $295. Multiple truckloads may be over $1,000. One of our team members will provide an estimate for you before we start your yard debris removal.

Yard Debris Removal Boston

Yard Waste Created By Demolition

If it has been a while since you have had your home remodeled or if you are in the process of adding some extensive renovations, then you may have some yard waste created through demolition and construction debris cleanup. Yard debris created from home renovations and repairs can be categorized as ‘clean’ or ‘dirty. The following information will help you determine which is which and how each should be handled differently.

Clean Waste

Clean yard waste comes from construction, renovation, and demolition of a home that does not contain any contaminants such as asbestos, wood treated with CCA (copper chrome arsenate), lead paint, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), etc. Clean debris is usually the by-product of renovations, repairs, or landscaping projects that do not affect any part of the home other than what is being worked on at the time. This includes garage doors, driveways, patios, or even fencing installation. Clean yard waste consists of things like wood, screws, nails, posts, bricks and mortar, plaster or sheetrock dust (also known as wallboard), insulation material (such as blown-in cellulose or fiberglass), paints in cans (unless the can is bulging due to chemical reaction) and even wallpaper.

Dirty Waste

Dirty yard waste is any other refuse that has come from the home other than what has been described above. This includes furniture, carpeting, appliances, fixtures, foodstuff, ashes and soot, etc. Most people are aware of the health hazards associated with asbestos exposure. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) such as insulation, vinyl floor tiles, and wallboard were widely used up through the 1980s. This applies to both commercial and residential use. Though many of these products have been phased out due to their potential health risks, exposure can still occur if ACMs are disturbed or damaged during construction activities. If materials containing asbestos are found during construction or renovation, the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that they be properly managed until they can be disposed of legally. They cannot simply be placed in regular trash pick-up; instead, to ensure your safety and that of your family and the environment, you will need to contact a hazardous waste disposal company that specializes in asbestos removal. If you are not sure what type of materials are present when you are assessing what type of debris might be involved, it is best to err on the side of caution. If a suspected material contains asbestos and yard waste containing asbestos is sent to a landfill, it can potentially contaminate groundwater or nearby soil through rainwater runoff. Also, if you are not able to recycle a clean material such as a block of wood or a piece of drywall, it is best to place them in an area designated for clean debris only. The best way to avoid creating a potential health hazard is to contact the yard debris removal pros at Classic Cleanouts.

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Dumpster Rental - The DIY Alternative

If you want to save money, you might opt for our hassle-free dumpster rental service. Although this could be a viable alternative, homeowners must consider whether or not renting a 15-yarder would be the right size for their project.  We offer dumpsters of various sizes, including 10, 15, 20, and 30-yard options. For as little as $360, you get three days of rental and enough room for a thousand pounds of stuff.  As a professional yard waste disposal service in Boston MA, we know all the tips and tricks to make your yard clean-up go as smoothly as possible.  Give us a call at  (781) 558-2626 or contact us online for a free yard debris removal quote. 

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