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Demoltion Pricing

What factors contribute to demoltion cost

There is no one-size-fits-all for demolition pricing.  Each demolition project can be vastly different from one another.  To put things in perspective, we once did demolition on a boat!  That being said, just because we cannot provide you with an exact price does not mean we can not discuss the various factors that go into pricing our demolition services.  For each demolition project, we will send one of our demolition experts to your property to inspect the areas to be demolished and come up with a proper estimate.  Here are the factors that we will take into account when determining the price of the project. 

AGe of Build

Simply put, older houses are harder to demo. There tend to be more layers of material and the materials used are trickier to deal with. For that reason, a room built in 1908 will cost more to demo than a room built in 2008.

Removing materials

Just like any other construction job, demolition pricing is based partially on time. If we can put a dumpster right next to the house, that will save us time hauling materials. If the dumpster is further away, then the project will take longer and cost more money. For this reason, first-floor and outdoor demos will likely take less time—and therefore cost less money—than a demo on the 8th floor of an apartment building. 

Dust Protection

We rarely demolish a whole house, so we need to protect the areas of the house that are not being renovated. To do this, we section off the demo area with plastic sheets and we protect the flooring with Econo Runners. These precautionary measures keep dust contained in the construction area of the house, allowing you to continue to stay in your house safely while the renovations take place. Within the demo areas, we use air scrubbers to keep the air quality as high as we can for our demolition professionals. This also catches some of the dust before it settles, aiding in the cleanup after the job. A project that requires more dust protection will cost more than one that requires very little. This is due to a combination of time used to set up and remove the protective barriers and the equipment needed to do so.

What's behind the walls

Not all walls are hollow. They often contain insulation, electric wires, or plumbing. This means that we have to be careful when we demo the wall.  Different types of insulation require different methods of removal. Blown-in insulation is the most difficult—and most expensive—kind to remove. This will factor into the overall cost of demolishing an insulated wall. If there are wires in a wall that you would like demolished, we need to make sure that an electrician shuts off the electricity to that area beforehand. Once the wall is MIG safe, then we can begin demo. There is a similar procedure when gutting a bathroom. Before we can start work, a plumber needs to cut and cap fixtures in the room. The only thing worse than a half-demolished bathroom is a wet half-demolished bathroom! 

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