Terms And Conditions

This order is not complete until payment clears and the customer agrees to the terms and conditions. If the payment is not received by 5:00 PM the day before delivery (or by Friday at 5:00 PM for delivery on Monday), this order will cancel. A cancellation fee of $250.00 will apply if the order is canceled after signed confirmation. Cancellation must be done in writing, by emailing orders@classicdisposal.com. Orders cancelled prior to signed confirmation will be refunded in full.
Customer authorizes, approves, and agrees to pay initial rental fees prior to delivery. Customer will incur additional charges for the following items placed in the dumpster: florescent lightbulbs, televisions, computer monitors, propane tanks, any appliance containing freon, mattresses, box springs, car tires, and truck tires. Customer will incur additional charges if the weight of materials in the dumpster exceeds the amount of weight specified for the size of dumpster they have ordered. Customer will incur additional charges if they keep the dumpster for more than the amount of time included in the order. Additional charges for the aforementioned items, weight overage, and additional rental time will be charged after pickup of the dumpster to the credit/debit card issued by the customer for the initial payment. All fees expressed in this agreement are due.
A wasted trip fee of $200.00 will apply if delivery or pickup is not completed due to locked gates, blocked parking, wrong address, refusal of pickup at the scheduled time, insufficient space reserved, or any other hindrance that prohibits the dumpster delivery or pickup. A sorting fee of up to $1,000.00 will apply for material or debris different than the type of debris specified. An over-tonnage fee of $200.00 per ton (prorated to 1/100 of a ton) applies for debris weight exceeding the included weight on the invoice. The customer agrees to pay for all over-tonnage fees and to take full responsibility for the contents of the dumpster. A fee of $50.00 will apply for each additional week. Delivery and pickup time/date may be affected by weather, traffic, or other unforeseen events. We appreciate your flexibility on this matter and that although we quote a time frame for drop off and/or pickup, it is not guaranteed.
This agreement shall include the pick-up and disposal of all acceptable customer waste. Unacceptable waste includes, but is not limited to: radioactive, volatile, flammable, explosive, toxic material, and any and all items banned by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for disposal in landfills.
Customer assumes full responsibility for the custody, care, and control of container while it is on the customer’s work site. Customer holds Classic Disposal LLC and its agents harmless from any and all claims for loss or damage to property, or injury to, or death of a person or persons resulting from the customer’s use, operation, or possession of the equipment furnished under this agreement.
Customer understands that Classic Disposal LLC, “the company”, operates heavy equipment and therefore acknowledges that the company shall not be held liable for damages to any driving surface, pavement, lawn, wires, landscaping, structures, or any other property or person(s) resulting from servicing the container at the customer’s location.
Customer may be charged for unacceptable material in the container or unserviceable containers such as those which are loaded over the top, blocked, extremely overweight, or stuck. Any fines due to overweight containers will be the customer’s responsibility. No dirt, gravel, cement, or any other wet or heavy materials are allowed in the container unless authorized in writing in advance by Classic Disposal LLC.
The customer agrees to receive emails and text messages for promotional purposes and to receive status updates for outstanding balances. The customer can unsubscribe from these notifications at any time.