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Terms And Conditions

Charges and Payments

We will charge the rental fee when you order the dumpster. Any weight in the dumpster over the included amount will be charged at $175/ton. Overweight charges are applied after the dumpster is picked up and weighed by a certified Scale Master. We will not call before charging overweight fees. We will charge overweight fees to the credit or debit card that we used to run the initial dumpster payment unless otherwise requested. If you would like to use a
different credit or debit card for overweight fees, we must have this card on file before we pick up the dumpster

Rental Period

Your chosen rental period is included in the price of the dumpster rental. Each additional day after your chosen rental period will incur an additional fee of $15 (10, 15, and 20 yard dumpsters) or $20 (30 yard dumpsters).

The following items are prohibited:
– Paint
– Fuels
– Oils
– Asbestos
– Medical waste
– Industrial drums
– Contaminated absorbents
– Gas cylinders
– Railroad ties

The following items may be put in the dumpster but will incur an additional cost per item as described here:
– Fluorescent light bulbs ($20 each)
– TVs and computer monitors ($50 each)
– Propane tanks ($40 each)
– Freon appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers ($50 each)
– Mattresses and box springs ($70 each)
– Car tires ($25 each)
– Truck tires ($50 each)
– Batteries ($20 each)

If there are additional cost items in the dumpster, we will charge for them after the dumpster is picked up. We will charge additional cost items to the credit or debit card that we used to run the initial dumpster payment unless otherwise requested. If you would like to use a different credit or debit card for additional cost item fees, we must have this card on file before we pick up the dumpster. You may only fill the dumpster to the maximum fill line on the dumpster. We will
not remove trash placed around or outside of the dumpster.

Trip/Relocation fee
If we are not able to access your property to either drop off or pick up a dumpster due to locked fences, cars in the way, the dumpster overflowing, refusal of pickup, or any other obstruction,  there will be a dry run fee of $150. We may provide an estimated time range upon request,  but service within this time range is not guaranteed. Service may be impacted by unforeseen and/or unavoidable events such as inclement weather, traffic, long lines at dumps or transfer
stations, issues with trucks, or driver illness.