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Is your home, office, or construction site bogged down with too much trash?  Having excessive amounts of junk, in addition to being unsightly, can weigh down even the most efficient home or business.  Here at Classic Cleanouts, we provide commercial and residential junk removal in Malden, MA, and throughout northeastern Massachusetts and southeastern New Hampshire.  In addition, we provide other removal services such as dumpster rentals, snow removal, and demolition.  We take pride in disposing of your unwanted rubbish in a fast, efficient, and most importantly, environmentally friendly manner.  Give us a call or contact us online to take advantage of our professional hassle-free junk hauling services today!

Junk Removal Services We offer In Malden MA

Here at Classic Cleanouts, our rubbish removal service will quickly and efficiently dispose of all sorts of items that are getting in your way.  From overwhelming messes created from interior demolition projects to simple house cleanouts, our junk hauling professionals will leave your space immaculate!  See below for a list of the professional and residential junk removal services we offer our customers.

Items Our junk hauling Service Will take

Here at Classic Cleanouts, we can easily dispose of most items.  See below for a list of common items that our professional junk removal service takes all the time!

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Our junk removal process is  simple, fast, and affordable.  Give it a try today!

Residential Junk Removal in Malden

Junk Removal Malden MA

recieve your free Estimate

We will send one of our junk removal professionals to your location to provide a free estimate.

SCHEDULE Your junk Removal

Choose a time for us to perform the work.

We Haul all your unwanted junk away

Sit back and relax while our team of disposal pros hauls your unwanted items away for good.

enjoy your clutter free space

By the time we are done, you are going to have more free space than you know what to do with.

How Do We Dispose OF The Junk

Here at Classic Cleanouts, we dispose of junk in a safe, environmentally friendly manner!

We Pick up your junk

The first step in disposing of junk is picking it up. This is the first time we assess what can be salvaged and what should just be tossed.

We sort through it

Some junk is clearly just that— junk. Other junk is simply unwanted by its current owner. It may be outdated but still in good shape and working order.

WE Salvage what we can

If an unwanted item is still usable, we will take it back to our warehouse. These items are assessed by our in-house team of experts for value and utility. We make sure that a discarded washing machine works before we donate or sell it.

We take the rest to a dump or transfor station

If an item is damaged, broken, or simply too filthy to be passed on to another owner, we will take it to a dump or transfer station to dispose of it. This is a last resort, but an unfortunately common one. People are usually getting rid of something for a good reason.

we sell or donate what we salvage

Check out our store to see what finds we have for sale now!

Rubbish Removal Malden MA

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