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Look out into your backyard right now. What do you see?  If there is an old shed with the paint chipping and the doors barely hanging onto the hinges, then it sounds like you need shed removal in Boston!  Here at Classic Cleanouts our junk removal and demolition professionals will quickly and efficiently make your old distressed shed disappear and leave you with the room to build one even better.  We have been providing shed demolition services to MA and NH residents for over 10 years, so you better believe your project is being handled by seasoned professionals. Additionally, if you are unsure if it is time to get a new shed or you should just repair your current one, our shed removal specialists can help you make the right determination there as well! Give us a call at (781) 558-2626 or contact us online and we will give you a totally free estimate on exactly what the shed removal project will cost you.

Shed Removal

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We Make Boston Shed REmoval Simple

Here at Classic Cleanouts, we take pride in making shed removal in Boston as convenient for you as possible.  Our service is simple, fast, and affordable, ensuring your old shed is disposed of with little effort on your part. 


Simply book online or give us a call to schedule a junk removal appointment on whatever day and time fits your schedule best


Our junk removal professionals will show up on the date and time of the appointment and haul your unwanted junk out of your life for good.


As an eco-friendly junk removal company, we will dispose of your unwanted junk in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Signs You need Shed Removal

Usually, it is fairly obvious that it is time to do away with your old shed. However, that is not always the case.  Besides the obvious exterior degradation over time, here are some more subtle signs that it is time to get rid of your shed for good:

You Are Running Out Of Space

One common reason to consider getting rid of your current shed is if it is too small. The longer you have been in your residence the more stuff you tend to accumulate, meaning what was once enough storage may no longer be the case.


It is very common to see older sheds experience warping due to the fact that the base is exposed to excessive moisture in New England.


If you start to notice that your shed is leaking water inside, then it is definitely time to think about a new shed.  If left unchecked, the problem can get worse and lead to important and expensive tools rusting.


We strongly encourage you to carefully search the inside of your shed for insects or any potential indicators.  Unfortunately, sheds are outside which means that it is very easy for them to attract all sorts of insects and critters over time.  If you can catch them early you can save your shed, however, if you wait too long, the damage may already be done and you will need to demolish your current shed.

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How Much Does Shed Demolition Cost?

Volume Of Junk

 We calculate how much of our truck you fill up (you may even have multiple loads) and add labor time for each worker who provides the junk removal. The more stuff you have, the longer it will take to remove all of it, and the more it will cost as a result.

Our trucks have 15-yard dumpsters on the back of them. This holds about the same amount as 4 pickup trucks would. Our pricing structure is broken down into 4 intervals from 1/4 of a truckload to 1 full truckload. This helps both us and you estimate how much stuff you have and how much a cleanout will cost.

Removal Time

The longer it takes us to to demolish the shed, the higher the cost of the job.  Removing just a few items may cost as little as $295. Multiple truckloads may be over $1,000. One of our team members will provide an estimate for you before we start your shed demolition.

Shed Demolition Boston

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