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Weight Overages

What is Weight Overage?

What you need to know before renting a dumpster

Weight overage is any weight in the dumpster over the included amount.

Here at Classic Cleanouts, customers who do not regularly order dumpsters are often surprised by the fact that they have to pay for weight overage. This is understandable! It is easy to think that the price you are given for a dumpster will be the final price.  

How much weight is included with my dumpster rental before I get charged for overage?

The amount of weight included in your dumpster rental depends entirely on the size dumpster you order.

● A 10-yard dumpster includes 1/2 ton (1,000 lbs)
● A 15-yard dumpster includes 3/4 ton (1,500 lbs)
● A 20-yard dumpster includes 1 ton (2,000 lbs)
● A 30-yard dumpster includes 2 tons (4,000 lbs)

How much does weight overage cost?

We charge the additional weight at a rate of $200/ton prorated. You can also think of this rate as $0.10 per pound over the included amount of weight.

Your weight is not rounded up or down: you are charged only for exactly what is in your dumpster. If you are only 1/2 ton over your included amount, we will only charge you $100. You will not be charged for weight overage until we pick up the dumpster and have it weighed at the dump or transfer station by a certified Scale Master. We then charge weight overage to the card we have on file, unless you ask beforehand that we use a different card. 

Is weight overage common?

How many customers experience weight overage?

Yes, most people have at least a little bit of weight overage. 

It’s difficult to know how much weight you’re putting in a dumpster while you are filling it. We don’t even know how heavy the dumpster is until we get the weight ticket at the dump or transfer station!

It is important to us that you understand how our weight overage billing system works. If you
have any questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We are happy to answer any
questions you may have.

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