Home Cleaning This Winter

Many people save up their big house cleaning for spring but in reality, winter is the best season to spend the time indoors to do a deep cleaning and get rid of all those belongings you no longer need. Read our tips to learn the best ways to get your home thoroughly clean before the start of spring!

Go Through Your Closet

Let’s face it, we all have too many clothes. It’s easy to throw something in the closet and forget about it or even see it and keep thinking you’ll wear it sometime. Go through all the items in your closet and be honest with yourself. Getting rid of clothing can be difficult but it’s an important step toward a cleaner home and there are plenty of great options to donate the clothes you aren’t making use of.

Clean & Disinfect

Find items around your home that may not need consistent attention and give them a deep clean. Some of the best items to choose are ones that could be holding the most bacteria, such as trash bins, toilet brushes, and sinks.

Tackle the Messy Garage

Cleaning out the garage is often a daunting task for families, as it is one of the easiest places to pile up things you don’t need just because you have space. If your garage is a significant project, consider setting aside a couple hours per weekend and take on one section at a time to break up the work.

Call A Professional for Help

Classic Cleanouts based in Saugus, MA offers residential clean out services to families around Massachusetts. We have years of experience helping families get rid of the belongings they no longer need including attic, estate, garage and general clean outs. Contact us today for a free estimate on removing any item from your home!

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