garageorganizationDo you find yourself asking over and over if the right time to clean out your garage and make room for the new snow blower is now? Chances are the answer to your question is ‘yes’ and most likely you are in need of some professional help. The dreaded New England winter is finally upon us and luckily for you, Classic Cleanouts of Stoneham, MA is a professional clean out and junk removal company that can help you get all of that unnecessary junk and unwanted items out of your life for good! 

Do you walk into your garage and cringe at the site of broken equipment, old furniture and piles of boxes full of items you’ll never need again? We understand your frustration and want to help eliminate that stress out of your life. We have a few tips for homeowners in the Greater Boston area to prepare their garage for winter by organizing, storing away and cleaning out your garage:

  • Organize. Organization is key in properly cleaning out your unwanted items. You should go through your garage and sort out what items you would like to keep and others you’d like to get rid of. This way, when your professional clean out team comes in, they are fully aware of what items you’d like to keep and others that can be removed.
  • Storage. Take the items you’d like to keep and store them away. Building shelves or cabinets that can hold boxes of your belongings can help restore the space of your garage that all the junk was taking up.
  • Clean out/Removal. Now that the organization is out of the way, it’s time to call your local clean out team to do the heavy work. Classic Cleanouts can remove all items, from broken equipment and electronics to old furniture and appliances. No job is either too big or too small and we take care of both the clean out, the removal and the disposal. We also believe in taking care of the environment we live in, which is why we are an eco-friendly junk removal business and try to donate whatever items we can!

Classic Cleanouts proudly services the Stoneham and Greater Boston area with professional garage, basement, commercial and estate clean outs as well as removal. Register online today and get a FREE estimate!

Contact owner Ron Diemer at (781) 558 – 2788 or for any inquiries regarding our services or areas we service. 

You need somewhere to be able to store your car during the harsh winter months, so why not start by hiring a professional clean out and removal team?