A remodeling project can be amazing for your home, as they can really revitalize the area and change/modernize what was once a bit outdated. At Classic Cleanouts, we can finish a project from beginning to end. We can begin with a room that is filled with items and needs to be cleaned out. We then clean it out, and can then move into the remodeling phase, where we can rejuvenate the room. Let’s take a look at why you may want to hire a professional cleanout specialist after your remodeling project and go over some of the items that you would need to clean after a remodeling project without hiring a professional cleanout specialist.

  • Carpets: It is imperative to vacuum carpets and upholstery, as the dust and debris may have collected in this specific area. It can get a bit dirtier than expected in this area, so it is important to get this done first after a remodeling project.
  • Hard Surfaces: All the hard surfaces most likely gained a bit of a layer of dust, so it is important to dust and then wash this area off with an antibacterial spray or surface cleaner.
  • Air Vents: The air vents and their filters may have a bit of dust, which you will not want in the air when you are living in that space, as it can cause breathing problems.
  • Smaller Items: Items such as ceiling fan blades, and other items with surface areas like appliances and lamp shades need to be wiped off as well.

Get Some Help

There are many other things you can do to make your home look cleaner, including cleaning your mattress and taking out the trash. We can help with all of those things!

Classic Cleanouts has been helping families and individuals get organized and junk-free for decades in SaugusMelroseStonehamTewksburyWakefield MA and much more. Though we are experts in junk removal, we offer a range of services including residential junk removalcommercial junk removalsenior moving management servicessnow removal, and much more. Contact us today for an estimate on removing junk from your home!


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