The Weather Channel and local meteorologists do advise not to go out in a snowstorm – but what if you have no choice and then get caught in the snow? If you do find yourself stuck in a snowstorm, it’s best to be prepared and “be safe than sorry.” New England gets some huge blizzards with subzero temperatures that come through in the winter months and it’s important you are prepared and know what to do. w

If you are caught in a snowstorm outside

The first thing you should do is try and find shelter, whether that be in an ally close by, a house nearby, a store, something to get you out of the open and away from the snow/wind. If you don’t find anywhere indoors to stay warm, it’s important to stay moving so that you don’t get hypothermia.

Simple acts like shaking your legs, clapping your hands, or jogging in place will all get the blood circulating in your body to help keep you warm. When you are moving you should just do enough movement to keep blood flowing, not to sweat. A sweat could lead to a chill which could expedite hypothermia.

If you are caught in a snowstorm inside

Being caught inside is one of the better alternatives because you are sheltered from the snow outside and should have some essentials to keep safe. If power goes out during a storm and you are unable to run your heat, it’s important to keep a fire going and use that warmth. You can shut doors of rooms you will not be going into, to keep the heat centralized. Closing blinds and curtains can help keep the cooler air outside and the warm air inside.

Drink warm coffee or tea to help keep the body warm from the inside out, it’s also important to eat so that the body can have energy to keep you warm. You should also layer up with clothing and blankets to keep warm.

If you are caught in a snowstorm in a car

If you are driving in a snowstorm, the first thing to do is to slow down. Even the most experienced drivers can experience wipeouts and then get stranded. If you will be driving in a bad storm, you can tell someone where you are going and how you are planning on getting there in case you get stranded and don’t have any cell reception.

Keep your car running to keep the heat going and every ten minutes or so, pump the gas on the car to keep gas circulating to make sure the heater is still blowing out warm air. You should also clear the exhaust pipe of snow and ice to make sure you don’t get carbon monoxide poising. To make sure you are visible to people passing by or someone who could help you, if you have anything brightly colored tie it around the antenna.

In snowstorms, it’s important to look out for each other – if you see someone who might need help, offer your assistance. If you need help with snow removal, contact us on our website or give us a call at and we are happy to help!

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