Recycling Basics

Recycling the items we discard is one of the easiest ways we can help the environment. Use our guide to expand and challenge the knowledge you already hold about which items are recyclable and start recycling everything you can!

Recycling Tips to Remember

Though the details of which particular items may be recycled can get confusing, there are two guiding principles of recycling that you should remember and follow. The three items that can always be recycled are bottles, paper, and cans. Though they come in various forms, the materials that make up these items are always recyclable! When throwing items into your recycling bin, make sure they are as clean as possible. For example, if you’d like to recycle an aluminum can of beans, be sure to rinse or wash the can to minimize the amount of food on the can. Furthermore, there are some items that some towns and cities can recycle but others cannot so the best way to know for sure is to check your town’s recycling guidelines.

Items You Can Recycle

Paper Items:

-Loose paper such as old work materials, bank statements, etc.

-Reading materials such as magazines, newspapers, or old paperback books.

-Cardboard items; included but not limited to cereal boxes and other food containers.


-Plastic bottles, old plastic containers and iced coffee cups.


-Aluminum, tin and steel cans.


-Beer, wine, liquor milk or other beverage bottles.

Items You Cannot Recycle


-plates, cups, egg carton, takeout containers.


-Shopping bags

-Stretch food wrap

-Plastic utensils

Risky Food Containers:

-If you cannot get the food residue off of items such as pizza boxes or takeout containers, throw them in the trash.

Why Bother Recycling?

By recycling everything you’re able to, you will change the way you dispose of waste in your home. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will minimize the clutter in your home! If you need more help decluttering your home, contact Classic Cleanouts today!

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