Basics of Hoarding

Hoarding is a psychological disorder in which people save an excessive amount of items that others would view as useless. Hoarding consumes individuals, their homes, and eventually their loved ones and is wildly unhealthy for several reasons. In some hoarding cases, individuals are attached to one type of item in particular that becomes the focus of their attention but in most, it is problem with all belongings and items in the home.

Many people mislabel “collecting” as hoarding but collecting is specific and purposeful, with individuals accumulating a certain item over time. Much of hoarders’ belongings are random in their nature and do not serve a practical use to the hoarder and yet the emotional component is significant.

Signs of Hoarding

If you think a loved one may be a hoarder, there are several signs you can look for to decide if you should seek professional help. If your loved one insists on holding onto items that are practically useless to them, they could be suffering from hoarding disorder. If they are emotionally invested in useless items and get upset if and when you bring up the subject matter, they likely have a hoarding problem.

Is Hoarding Dangerous?

Hoarding disorder almost always leads to dangerous situations for the person suffering and their families. Because of the intensity of the emotional need to hold on to items, the space around this person, likely their home and/or office space, becomes dangerous to navigate. At any moment, items could fall, causing not only a mess but depending on the items, physical danger to those in the area. Hoarding disorder not only harms people emotionally, but runs a high risk of physical harm as well.


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