Hoarding is classified as an anxiety disorder. People that have a hoarding disorder will be obsessive about saving items that others might see as worthless or even trash. Most people who are considered hoarders often times have so much clutter that it affects their ability to live in their homes. Hoarding is different than collecting, hoarders save things that they feel they may need in the future or items they feel are valuable or have sentimental value.

Consequences of Hoarding

Hoarding is dangerous because it will often times get to the point where the problem extends past their home. Hoarding can cause problems with people’s relationships, social life, and even just day to day functioning. There are major health and safety concerns for hoarders including fire hazards, tripping hazards and health code violations. Hoarders often suffer from depression caused by isolation and loneliness. Hoarders can feel like they can’t leave their possessions and are ashamed to have people in their homes.

Symptoms of a Hoarding Disorder:

  • Inability to throw away possessions
  • Even the thought of giving away items leads to excessive stress
  • Difficulty categorizing or organizing belongings
  • Feeling embarrassed by possessions
  • A home is unsafe because of possessions
  • The feeling that your things will keep you safe.

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