Do you ever feel like you’re drowning at home in all the clutter that surrounds you? If living a clean and decluttered life sounds like something you would like, here are some ways to help you take the first step to declutter your home.

  1. Declutter for 5 minutes a day. If you can commit to just 5 minutes every day, then slowly but surely your home will start to look and feel decluttered.
  2. Give away one item every day. Even if it’s a small item, it’s one less thing that is cluttering your home. It also won’t feel like an overwhelming task or that you will regret giving a lot of things away in the future.
  3. Fill up a trash bag. You will be surprised how easy this is. Go around your home and put trash in a trash bag, if that’s old magazines, old mail, ripped blankets, etc.
  4. Try Oprah’s closet experiment. On the 1st of the year, turn all your hangers in the opposite direction that you normally would. As you wear the clothes, put the hangers back in the right direction. At the end of the year, any hangers that are still in the wrong direction are clothes you can give away.
  5. Make a list of areas you want to declutter. If you want to declutter every place in your home, you should segment them by rooms and as you declutter cross them off the list. This will make the whole home be more manageable.
  6. Change your perspective. If you see your home day after day, you might not notice that your home is cluttered. You can take a picture, ask a friend who doesn’t come over often to give you their honest opinion of the amount of clutter in your home, or you can have a toddler come over and see what they get into.

No matter what step you start with, the first is a hard step to accomplish. As you start to declutter your home it becomes easier and easier to let go of the clutter. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, or just need it gone right away. That’s where Classic Cleanouts comes in. Call us today to start your junk removal process! You can reach us at (781) 558 – 2788 or on our website.

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