If you’re a homebody or your house is a gathering place for friends and family, you should consider cleaning up as the summer begins. Preparing your home for the summer by cleaning up now is sure to get your summer off to the right start. Continue reading our guide and find out the best ways to clean up your home today!


Clean Out Your Garage

Cleaning out the garage seems to be the task that everyone has on their to-do list but continues to push it back as long as possible. Even though you’ve been avoiding this task for a while, you should prioritize it now and finish before any more of the summer gets away from you! With a cleaner, more spacious garage, you will have ample room for activities and storing outdoor equipment. Instead of hiding your garage space from your guests because of the mess it hosts, take a few hours to thoroughly clean out your garage and transform it to a hang out space where you can open the doors and take advantage of the electrical plugs, shelter from the sun, and the space it offers. See our guide on how to declutter your garage for more tips!


Demolish Your Old, Dangerous Shed

If you have any old structures on your property such as an old shed or deck with rotten wood, you should start your summer off right by arranging a demolition project and ridding your property of hazardous structures. Rotten wood poses several dangers to you and your guests as well as possible exposed nails and broken wood. Not only could someone, especially a child, hurt themselves in/on these structures, but they may be at risk of falling and causing injury. In order to make your yard as safe as possible, consider demolishing this problem area and instead, make room for a grill, sports game, or lawn chairs.


Need Help?

There are countless ways to improve your home this summer but cleaning up and getting rid of your old junk will surely help you have a more fun, relaxing summer. If you need help getting rid of any kind of junk or with demolitions, contact Classic Cleanouts today and we’ll give you a free quote on your project!

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