Where to Begin…

We’ve all been there– you go to put something away, a shirt in the closet, a plate in the cabinets, or even try to put something back in a drawer and it doesn’t fit. We get it, and we are here to help!

Here, we have compiled a list of tips on how to get rid of “stuff” that you don’t really use but can’t seem to get rid of.

How to Tell If This Is Something You Can Get Rid Of

  • Ask yourself this– is there a concrete way on how to use it? If not, and you have to stop to think about it, then it’s acceptable to be thrown away.
  • Think of the last time you used it. If you can think of the time, and it is within the last six months, then keep it, but if not, throw it away.
  • We recommend starting with a certain area that you need to clean out, then spread your reach from there. A great starting point would be your closet, a dresser drawer, or the “junk drawer” which is typically full of useless items. Once that specific area is cleaned out, then move onto the next piece. This way it becomes more manageable and is easier not to get overwhelmed.

Have Someone Unbiased Help You

We recommend someone who isn’t attracted to what you are cleaning out to be around. This is because they aren’t going to be emotionally attached to things the way you may be. They will help you to recognize the items you are attached to, like the pen you got from the restaurant “that one time” that doesn’t have any ink left. This person will help you overcome those attachments and be rational.

What To Do When the Stuff You Have is Overwhelming

This is when it would be beneficial to hire a service, like Classic Cleanouts, so that we can evaluate where you’re at, and where you want to be. You don’t have to worry about the process and in turn get a clean, organized space where you can breathe in.

If you have questions about a cleanout, feel free to give us a call at 781-558-2788  or contact us on our website. We are here to help!

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