There are several advantages to having a garage, most notably the extra space it gives homeowners. A sizeable garage also significantly increases property value and therefore should be a space that you put time and thought into. Unfortunately, garage spaces usually turn into a cluttered mess and instead of taking advantage of the extra storage space garages offer, clutter takes over. Follow these helpful tips to make the most of your garage space and avoid clutter!


Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!

Shelving is one of the best solutions to a cluttered garage because of how much space it will free up and its convenience. Installing shelves can be relatively quick and easy, many people install shelves on their own in one afternoon. The range of shelving options available makes shelves a great option for any garage, regardless of the design of your garage. Because they are easy to install, you can even choose to install a small number of shelves, see how they are working for you, and later install more if they are getting the job done and you still have space to clear up!

Waterproof Storage Bins

Everyone has some old belongings they want to keep but don’t have any immediate use for; high school yearbooks, baby clothes, photos, and countless other belongings with sentimental value. Because these will not be used often, it is best to store these in your garage rather than create more clutter in your home. In order to ensure your belongings are safe in your garage, invest in waterproof storage bins to guarantee your memories are protected while ridding your home of unnecessary clutter.


Install Pegboards 

Every home’s garage has a unique look and feel depending on your family structure and your hobbies. When attempting to declutter your garage, be sure to keep this in mind. If you have active children, consider investing in ways to organize their toys such as bins for sports balls and pegs to hang their bikes. Finding a safe and convenient way to store your bikes will free up a lot of extra space in your garage, especially for a big family. If you do a lot of handiwork in your garage, freeing up space is essential to create enough work space but also to ensure your environment is safe. Pegboards are also useful for safe and organized storage for anyone using tools or other equipment.


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