As May comes to an end, it’s time to finally get your home spring cleaning done and over with so you can have a fresh, clean start to your summer. If you want to give your home a thorough cleaning and go into summer with less clutter, follow our tips below and start your summer off right!


Get Rid of Clothing

Everyone has those clothing items we hold on to even though we never use them, causing clutter. Instead of taking up space for something you won’t wear, go through your clothing thoroughly to decide what is worth keeping and what should go. If your clothing is viable, consider donating it to a local charity or even try to sell it at a used clothing store nearby. If not, add it to your junk pile to be disposed of.


Invest in Storage Bins

Storage bins are a great way to both store your belongings and stay organized. As you’re putting away your winter clothing, decorations, and other belongings, consider investing in storage bins to best keep your winter belongings safe during the off season. Storing and labeling your bins will make each seasonal transition easier!


Get Rid of Old Furniture

Have an old chair that you just can’t seem to throw away? Worried about replacing it? There are several options to dispose of and replace your old furniture. Though most people don’t think of their furnitures’ shelf life, it is important to consider how long you’ve had your furniture and when it should be replaced so you ensure your safety is not compromised.


Organize Your Shed

Outdoor storage sheds are a great storage option for all your outdoor appliances and tools but they can often turn into a disorganized mess. Even if your focus for spring cleaning is on the inside of your home, consider cleaning out your shed and disposing of all your unused tools, sports equiptment, and more.


We Can Help!

If your spring cleaning entails getting rid of old furniture, tools, or other belongings, contact Classic Cleanouts today and let us take care of your junk removal!

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