We have had a few editions of a spring cleaning guide that have recently come out. While we have typically focused on different parts of the home in the past, we are now focusing on an area of the home where you probably spend a significant amount of time when you are home, and that is the bedroom. As the place you sleep at night, many hours are spent in this area, whether it is related to sleeping or to get ready, or even to just watching TV. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to get your home in tip-top shape this spring.

  • General Clean: Picking up clothes and items off the floor is the perfect way to start off when your room is quite a mess.
  • Purge Items You Don’t Need: By getting rid of items you don’t need, you create space and allow for items to not get lost and mixed up like in the past.
  • Wash Sheets: Nothing is better than clean sheets to make a room feel cleaner. From the smell to the feel, it will automatically add a level of cleanliness to the room.
  • Dusting: Isn’t it the worst to place your hand on a counter and pick up dirt? By dusting, you avoid this all together.
  • Treat Wood Furniture: Giving your wood furniture a nice shine can only make it look newer, meaning that your room will look cleaner than ever before.

Get Some Help

There are many other things you can do to make your home look cleaner, including cleaning your mattress, vacuuming the floor and taking out the trash. We can help with all of those things!

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