If you live in New England, you know how harsh the winter months can be. If you’re new to town, there are some things you need to learn in order to have a safe winter. Use our guide to make your snowy winter safe and easier!

Snow Shoveling Safety

If you are a generally healthy person, shoveling shouldn’t be much of a problem for you depending on the conditions outdoors. If you need to shovel during extreme cold, be sure to take breaks and warm up inside; split up the work and get rest in between shifts. If you are older or have any health issues, it is best to find someone to take care of your shoveling for you to be on the safe side.

Driving During Snowy Weather

Driving while it is snowing can be extremely dangerous, even for the most experienced New England driver. For starters, reduce your speed wherever you are. Even on an open highway, the decrease in visibility poses a potential harm to everyone on the road. Keep your headlights on even during the daytime to make other drivers aware of your vehicle. Use extreme caution in each aspect of your commute to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Snowblower Safety

If you have an electric snowblower, your snow clearing will likely be an easier process than your shoveling neighbors but be sure you are using the machine correctly! Read the directions carefully and be sure your device is running properly to avoid any accidents.

Clearing Snow from Your Roof

Getting heavy snow off of your roof is essential to prevent damage to your home over the long winter months but it can also be very dangerous. When beginning a snow removal project, be sure no one is around who could be harmed, for example, children playing nearby. To achieve the highest level of safety in this situation, consider getting the job done by professionals who are highly trained.

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