With Fall in New England in full swing, that means winter is just around the snow. Winter brings snow and can bring lots of snow. New England is notorious for snow storms dropping feet after feet of snow.  No matter if this will be your first winter in New England or if you have survived many – snow removal is always something we must prepare to do.

What you need to know about snow removal

Shovel light, small amounts of snow. This is because it won’t take a lot of strain to shovel it, and you are able to shovel easily. A few inches of light, dry, snow is perfect for shoveling, anything more than that. You may want to think twice.

For wet, heavy, and thick snow – use a snow blower. This will take you less effort and get the job done faster and effortlessly. Make sure you stay away from moving parts, and use necessary safety precautions when using a snow blower.

Use rock salt for sidewalks and entryways. This will make the places you or others walk less slippery. If you have problems with the type of salt you are using, and the ground still being slippery you can try a different brand/type to see if that helps the problem. If you don’t have snow and an unexpected blizzard comes, you can use kitty litter as an alternative.

Don’t wait until it stops snowing to remove. If this is the case then the amounts of snow can become overwhelming as well as it can get denser and harder to shovel. Depending on how much and how fast the snow is coming down, every few hours is best to do some shoveling.

Have help. This can mean from kids or other members of the household. Shoveling a lot of snow for one person can mean long hours and strenuous work, but if it is divided by more than one person, it goes a lot faster.

If you are overwhelmed, or just don’t feel like shoveling snow and worrying about it, call Classic Cleanouts to do the snow removal for you. We take away the stress of snow and the winter so you can enjoy the beauty of snow fall.

Contact us on our website or give us a call at (781) 558 – 2788 to schedule a snow removal session. If you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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