Junk Removal for Seniors

Junk removal can be difficult both mentally and physically at any age, but for senior citizens, the physical labor of moving can be a safety risk. Whether you or a loved-one is going through old possessions, cleaning out a cluttered home or moving to a new location, it is important to hire a professional junk removal service to assist you along the way.

Professional junk removal teams are an important and beneficial asset to senior citizens but you should choose one who has both junk removal services and project management capabilities. Moving for senior citizens can often consists of the organization and movement of years of possessions. We are ready to help senior citizens to downgrade their personal belongings, assisting in deciding what you should hold on to and what should be discarded.

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Our team at Classic Cleanouts will help you and your family members sort through your belongs and decide what is salvageable, remove all unwanted items, and then dispose of or donate the items. The following include some of the steps in our management team will take to assure the moving process goes as smoothly as possible:


We will assist in sorting all belongings, providing patience and understanding to make this difficult process easier. We understand how to organize their possessions and assist them in determining how each item should be handled.


We will remove all unwanted items and deliver them to their respective destinations including donation locations and junk disposals.


 If items cannot be taken with your loved one but they could be useful to someone else, we will donate as much of your belongings as possible to local charities.

Our highly trained and experienced team has been working with seniors for many years and understands how to properly handle cleanout services. We will provide you with the highest quality of care for your senior move. We also are proud to provide 10% off all cleanout services for senior citizens! For more guidance and tips on being supportive through your loved-one’s big move, read our blog post about making the moving process smooth for senior citizens.

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