Like our basements and garages, our attics tend to be the kinds of places where we throw away unwanted items and junk that we someday may want again, or hold onto just in case. After a few years, these items can start to add up and cause quite the mess, as well as a safety hazard for your home.

If you are considering an attic clean out and junk removal for your home, then you should call your local junk removal company, Classic Cleanouts. Our professional team can help you clear out your unwanted items, and fully remove and dispose of whatever you no longer need. We remove any type of item, from large appliances and furniture to smaller items like air conditioners, electronics, and trash.

Classic Cleanouts is a local eco-friendly junk removal company, and we specialize in proper disposal of materials and try to donate as many items as we can. You can call us, or sign up online today for your FREE estimate/consultation at (781) 558 – 2788 or email us at

No job is too easy or too hard, let us help you declutter your life and home!

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