Getting rid of junk around the home can be stressful for homeowners. Whether you’re moving and downsizing or just need to get rid of the junk you’ve accumulated over the years, it’s not a task that most people look forward to. Here are some tips that can help you remove junk with ease!

How to get rid of Junk in Your Home

Set Realistic Goals

It may be overwhelming to think about all the junk you need to go through and get rid of in your entire home, or even just a large room depending on the amount of junk. If you have a few hours to start, you could start with a closet or part of a room and do a little. Then once you get going and can see the progress, you may get more motivated for the whole project.

Set Guidelines

If you set yourself guidelines and stick to them, it will help speed up the process and let your mind be at ease. A good idea for this, for example, when you’re going through your clothes get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year – 18 months, or if it’s 1-2 sizes above or below your current size, get rid of it! This will help you not think about every piece and make your overarching decisions easier.

Throw Away Garbage

If you have a room or a corner of a room full of “clutter” chances are that can immediately be thrown away without any hesitation. People will often times keep things like an empty shoe box or an old suitcase because they might need it one day. Items like this are an easy way to get rid of everything at once.

Set a Time Limit

If you set a timer for how long you are going to go through your home to get rid of things until the timer goes off it won’t seem like such a daunting task. The goal isn’t to finish everything in one day or to get burnt out. You want to tackle this project with the goal of completing it, not starting and then abandoning the project.

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