Junk Removal isn’t just for homeowners. Junk removal is also important for many real estate agents. Often times previous tenants of a home will leave behind junk for you to deal with before the new owners move in.

One of the most common cases of this is with foreclosure properties. Before these homes are ready to hit the market and be viewed by potential buyers they must first be cleaned out of junk. Foreclosure properties are not often left in the best conditions and many times require clean out services as well. This burden often falls on the shoulders of the real estate agent.

When it comes to foreclosed residential properties, the former owners have no incentive to leave the home in stable condition. Many foreclosure properties are found littered with trash and junk the previous owners failed to remove.

The problem is that this junk needs to be removed quickly and professionally so the home can be ready for an open house in a timely manner. Typically this includes hauling away of old furniture, appliance, and any other unwanted items that were left behind.

Because these properties are often time sensitive short sales banks and realtors often need cleanouts to be conducted on short notice. Classic Cleanouts provides junk removal and clean out services to all types of properties including foreclosure homes. If you are a real estate agent looking for junk hauling contact Classic Cleanouts today for your free estimate.

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