Basement Clean Out in Weston, MA - Before
Basement Clean Out in Weston, MA – Before

Here is a little lesson on Organization 101. In just 3 easy steps, we will teach you how to declutter, properly store and organize your chaotic basement.

  1. Declutter. It is easy to throw something you no longer use, but feel you may need it in the future, down into the basement and completely forget about it. It becomes our at-home-waste-land of unwanted furniture, appliances and other household items. Depending on the size of your basement, decluttering can either be an easy task, or monumentally undertaking.
    • If your basement is filled with too much junk and you physically or mentally cannot handle removing the items, call your local junk removal team. Classic Cleanouts of Stoneham, MA is a local eco-friendly junk removal service with a strong team that can remove any and all items. We specialize in basement clean outs, as well as other type of household and commercial clean outs. We will remove and dispose of all unwanted items to help make your organization plans easier.
  2. Storage. Once you have decluttered your basement, your next step is to start storing items that you know you will be using in the future, into a safe and secure spot.
    • What you should store away:

                                         i.      Holiday decorations

                                         ii.      Paperwork

                                         iii.      Tools

                                         iv.      Equipment (sports, camping, etc.)

   You can purchase storage units at a local hardware store, or you can be crafty and create your own!

Basement Clean Out in Weston, MA - After
Basement Clean Out in Weston, MA – After
  1. Organize. Once you have all of your items stored away in their proper places, you can begin to organize them. You should make sure that all items are accessible, properly labeled and kept together. This way, when searching for a specific item you know exactly where to look rather than searching through and creating another decluttered basement!

Call Classic Cleanouts at (781) 558 – 2788 TODAY for a free estimate/consultation of your basement clean out! We will come in, clear out what you no longer want/need and then properly donate the items.