Boston and New England are known for getting record-breaking snowfall as early as October and lasting until late spring. Snow and blizzards bring lots of shoveling! Snow can be a beautiful sight to watch, as it falls from the sky and piles up across your front yard. But if you are dreading the task of shoveling – then snow can be a dreadful sight to see. These tips should help you stay safe while shoveling.

Tips to shovel snow safely:

  • Warm up before. You can do this by doing some light stretching or mimicking the shoveling motion.
  • Push, don’t lift. Pushing snow onto the shovel rather than lifting the snow onto the shovel will help keep the stress off of your body. You should always bend your knees or and use your legs as much as possible.
  • Lighten your loads. Don’t feel like you need to have a full shovel of snow. If you shovel more loads but make them smaller, it will help keep the strain from your muscles.
  • Take breaks. Pausing to rest and warm up every 20 minutes is ideal. If temperatures continue to drop then more frequent breaks may be necessary.
  • Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water while shoveling.
  • Shovel when the snow is fluffy. If you keep up with the snowfall and shovel before the snow becomes wetter and heavier it will be easier.

It’s important to follow these tips when you are shoveling, the simple chore can be a safety risk if not done properly. There are over 100 injuries reported nationwide from shoveling.

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