Organizing your garage may seem like a daunting task. Many times garages become the place in your home unwanted items go to die. And with winter around the corner now is the perfect time to organize your garage, so your car will have a place to go before the snowfall. Here are some tips and tricks to easy stress-free garage organization.

Start with a Clean Slate-Move everything out of the garage and decide what you need and are keeping and what is unwanted junk and can be hauled away. Since you are starting with a clean slate, you will be able to systematically move everything back into the garage in an organized manner.

Put up Shelves & Cabinets– It’s important to get everything off the floor and shelves and cabinets are a perfect way to do so. Shelves are a cheap and simple way to get everything off the floor and onto the wall. Cabinets are helpful if you are looking to get everything out of sight. This keeps the clean look and forces you to make a place for each item.

Install a Broom/ Shovel Rack- Larger items like shovels and brooms are often difficult to store and end up getting shoved in the corner. Try installing a designated rack to hold each of your brooms and shovels, this way they are all laying flat against the wall and you will have easy access to each specific item.

Hang Ceiling Racks– Running out of wall space? Try optimizing the free space on your ceiling. Hang ceiling racks and hooks for large items like bikes and skis and items that are not used very often.

Use Clear Bins- When packing away smaller items into bins make sure to use clear bins. Using clear bins makes it simple when to see what items are inside and also allows you to easily stack them together. Another helpful organization tip is to categorize like items into bins and label them so you will know exactly where to look next time you need that hammer.

Organizing your garage may seem like an impossible task but with these cheap and simple tips you will be sure to tackle even the most junk-ridden garages. And when you’re done call Classic Cleanouts at (781) 558 – 2788 to haul away all the unwanted items you have been storing in your garage. Classic Cleanouts is committed to keeping our planet green, and will properly dispose of all items we remove.


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