Moving an elderly parent is something that no child wants to experience, but it’s often inevitable as time goes on. The move will be stressful for both of you but helping them maintain a sense of independence can’t be overlooked. Check out these steps to help make the transition easier on both you and your parent!

Prepare to Downsize

The move will likely mean downsizing your parents’ belongings. To begin this process, figure out what they can realistically take with them. You should prioritize sentimental items and items that they truly love but encourage them to part with the rest. Once you’ve decided which items to downsize, consider rather they can be donated or if they need to be taken to the dump. Many charities will come to pick up the items for donation at the home so you don’t have to worry about getting them there. For items that are being thrown out, hiring a junk removal company is a quick and easy solution. If there are items that your parent can’t get rid of quite yet, but also can’t take with them, renting a small storage unit is a great option to make the transition easier.

Personalize the New Location

Before your parent makes the big move, it’s a good idea to have everything ready to go. Find a new doctor or care team if necessary, have their belongings in the new space, and do everything possible to make the move as easy as possible for them. You will likely have to personalize the travel plans as well. This may include wheelchair accessibility or other add-on options depending on the individual needs of your parent.

Ask for Help

The moving process is one that’s too stressful to take on by yourself. Ask for help wherever you can. Enlist the help of family or friends for emotional support. When it comes to the actual packing and moving process, you may find it very beneficial to hire a team of professional movers. The professionals will be able to carry out the logistics of the process, allowing you to focus on your parent during this stressful time.

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