Making major life changes is hard at any age but it can be particularly burdensome for older people. This process is difficult for everyone involved so to make it a little easier, we’ve laid out the following tips on how to help your loved ones.

  1. Be Proactive– Don’t wait until the days before the big move, help your loved one long before the moving process begins by helping them decide what to take with them and what they no longer need.
  2. Find the Right Place– If your loved one is moving somewhere they don’t love, it is going to make the moving process much less exciting. If you find a place they can be excited about moving to, the process will be much more positive for everyone involved.
  3. Provide Emotional Support– A major part of any move is mental, especially for senior citizens. After spending a majority of your life in one home can make it an emotional process to move out so make sure you’re there for your loved ones, providing emotional support throughout the moving process.
  4. Find a Senior Moving Manager– You can significantly help your loved one by hiring the right company to manage your loved one’s move. Look for a company offering comprehensive services that will alleviate much of the work from both you and your loved one, not only to move their belongings but to get rid of the belongings you are disposing of.

Classic Cleanouts offers comprehensive Senior Moving Management services including sorting belongings, professional packing, delivery, recycling, donation and junk removal. Visit our Senior Moving Management page to learn more about our process and contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your loved one’s move!

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