Do you live your life in a cluttered home with drawers that don’t shut, full closets, things everywhere, and unfinished projects everywhere? Can you never get ahead of the mess in your home? Freeing your space and your life from overwhelmingly huge amounts of stuff doesn’t take too much effort, all you need is a little commitment to a few basic guidelines to a clutter-free home.

Purge Often

The fewer items we own, the easier it is to keep clutter at a minimum. Stuff has a way of accumulating, even after you get to a point where you only have as many things that will fit comfortably in your space. Set aside some time, a few times a year, to get rid of the things you don’t use anymore and have gone untouched for a while. The best way to do this is seasonally. Think spring cleaning, fall clear-outs, summer yard sales, etc. You’ll feel lighter, and your home will thank you.

Remove any excess of your belongings. Go into your kitchen and get rid of that third ladle. Go into your closet and donate the four pairs of white sneakers you have. Most of the clutter in your home is due to multiples of belongings. Who needs seven pairs of flip flops? The sooner you get rid of multiples and things you haven’t used in a while, the sooner your home and life will feel less cluttered.

Live Within Your Means

This is a great place to start if you’re aiming to live a simpler, less cluttered life. “Living within your means” implies for your home that you should let the size of your home dictate how much stuff you have, not the other way around. If your closet is busting at the seams, why dream of a bigger closet? Why not try getting rid of some clothes to fit your closet size instead? Live so that everything fits comfortably in the size of your home.

Have a Place for Everything

A place for everything and everything in its place. This is some of the best organizing advice out there. If you have lots of things in limbo, hanging out on countertops or coffee tables, and are finding it hard to find places for them, it may be time for more places to put things. This is where filing cabinets, under bed storage, and consoles with lots of drawers come in handy.

Become a Habitual Putter-Awayer

Ultimately, the easiest way to keep things in their place is to put them away right after you use them. The more you practice this, the more habitual it’ll become. After a while, you’ll put everything away without thinking about it. If you’re having a tough time keeping up with this practice, think about it like it’s a game. You can think about it like it’s your life-size version of Tetris, where you have to fit everything back in its place. Once everything is in its place, your home will feel infinitely less cluttered.

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