We all have plenty of things stored in our house that we rarely use, taking up space we could be making better use of. If you are finally getting around to going through your belongings and deciding what to get rid of, it can be difficult to decide what should stay and what should go. Ask yourself the following questions when trying to make these tough choices!

When is the Last Time I Used This?

If you haven’t used the item in question in six months or more, it is a good sign that it’s time for it to go. There are certainly excuses to this rule, such as seasonal tools that you truly need at certain times, but the six month rule is a good guiding measure.

Will I Use It Soon?

If you are going through your belongings and pull out something that you can’t imagine when you will use it next, it most definitely needs to go. How useful could an item be if you can’t think of a situation where you will use it?

How Emotionally Invested Am I In This Item?

For many people, a bulk of the items they have held onto for years are for a personal, emotional reason. While we all certainly have such items, you must ask yourself how emotionally invested you are in each item. Chances are that you are holding onto things you don’t actually care that much about so going through each item is necessary.

What Is This Item’s Worth?

In order for you to justify holding onto an item that isn’t used often, you should identify some type of worth it has. This value does not necessarily have to be monetary but it should validate your relationship to the item such as emotional value or its usefulness during a particular season.

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