If you own an attic, you know how tempting it can be to simply throw your belongings up there and pay no mind to the organization or cleanliness of the space. Start taking steps in the right direction and declutter this space using our tips below!

Remove Your Belongings

To get things started, you should remove all your belongings from the cluttered attic. Before you start organizing, you should clean the space so it is a proper host for your belongings. Make this process more efficient by removing everything before you begin.

Thoroughly Clean

Dust is most likely prevalent in your attic because of its location. You should start by dusting your attic, removing dust from all surfaces then sweeping or vacuuming afterward so you clean those surfaces and get all the dust that fell to the floor when you were dusting.

Go Through Your Belongings

Use a large space to hold all your belongings so you can go through everything and sort it at the same time. For most, this will be best to do in the space where you left your things before cleaning. Sort your belongings into categories so it will be easy to find what you are looking for when you venture into the attic.

Get Rid of Belongings You Don’t Need

Most of us hold onto belongings much longer than we need to. While you are going through everything, decide what you don’t need anymore and make a pile of what you should junk or donate.

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