If you are getting ahead of your spring cleaning and need to start getting rid of all the junk that has accumulated in your home, we get it! If your home is starting to look like a garbage can and junk is piling up in your extra space or in corners of your home, then getting ahead and getting the junk out of your home will make you feel relieved.

Nine Steps to get rid of Junk

  1. Start small. If you can commit to small areas and only work for small periods of time, then the project won’t be so overwhelming.
  2. Don’t buy anything else. All of the junk you have now came from somewhere. If you put down your wallet and focus on organizing and getting rid of what you already have, the junk won’t be able to increase and you will see a faster result.
  3. Try and resell your junk. There are websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace where you can resell things, and maybe you can earn some extra cash while decluttering your home.
  4. Start a “donate” box. Put everything in here that you can’t sell, or just don’t want to go through with that process. You can give this to a charity you really support and help others with things you aren’t going to use.
  5. See if you can recycle anything you can’t donate or sell. If you go online and confirm that everything else you want to get rid of isn’t recyclable then you can throw away everything else with a clean conscious knowing you got rid of everything you could and gave it another purpose.
  6. Make decisions. If you haven’t used something within the past year – get rid of it!
  7. Keep at it. Make it a point every day to go through more junk and then it will become a habit until there is nothing left.
  8. Set a goal. Give yourself an attainable goal on when you want to have your junk cleared out. Normally this is a few months down the road to give yourself time to sort through all the junk.
  9. Organize what you keep. This will help make sure that the junk doesn’t pile up again in the future.

If you have junk that you don’t know what to do with and you don’t have the time or energy to get rid of it yourself, call us! Don’t wait any longer. We can help you get rid of your junk and we can clear away anything so once it’s out of your home, you don’t have to see it anymore. To schedule a pick-up or a cleanout, call us at (781) 558 – 2788 or contact us on our website!

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