According to The Huffington Post, a cluttered house is a source for stress, with over 90% of Americans citing it as a source of stress within the prior month. With numbers as high as this, if cleaning and organizing your house can help you reduce stress, would you do it?

Clutter can feel overwhelming, and if all you do is put things back in place, it can become a constant struggle. The key is to declutter your home for good. Here are four creative ways to reduce clutter, get your life in order, and minimize potential stress.

Decluttering your home:


  • Tackle One Space at a Time

The easiest way to get overwhelmed by cleaning up your clutter is trying to do everything at once. Pick a location or even an object (like a desk or bookshelf) that needs your attention, and don’t move on until you’ve got it in order. This will eliminate the half way de-cluttered house. 

  • Three Box Method

Many people struggle with getting rid of things. We attach memories to momentos, clothing, and even furniture. But, consider this: your house is not a museum! If you find yourself hesitating to throw out more than a handful of items, employ the three box method. When cleaning your closet, for example, fill one box with things you can definitely get rid of, one box of things that don’t belong (that lamp you stuck in the closet and forget to remove), and one box of items you rarely or never use, to reconsider later. Put the “reconsider” box to the side for a month or two, and you’ll be surprised by how little you missed anything in it. You can then get rid of more stuff, without stressing over the threat of regret.

  • The Cardboard Box Test

Rooms like the kitchen are notorious spots for collecting junk. How many of us have entire shelves full of mugs—even though, practically speaking, we only use three? To try out the cardboard box test, dump all your kitchen utensils, pots, pans, bowls and all cooking items into a large cardboard box. For four weeks, take items out of the box only if you need to use them. At the end of the month, consider taking what’s left in the box to charity—you’ll be that much closer to your model-house worthy kitchen space.

  • Employ a One In, One Out Rule

Clutter’s best accomplice is mindless purchases and the slow accumulation of new stuff over time, erasing all the hard work you’ve done. Every time you bring new things into your home, make an equal pile of tired, worn-out things to get rid of. The key to minimalism isn’t never buying anything—it’s making smart and consistent decisions about what you choose to keep in your living space.

If you’ve been having trouble finding your floor underneath all the laundry, books and belongings covering it, it might be time to de-clutter your space. Contact the experts at Classic Cleanouts for more information on smart organizing, cleaning out your home, and getting your life in order!

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