Do You Provide Spring Cleanups?

The New England winter has done some major damage to our homes, landscape and properties. Spring is just around the corner, which means that after all the snow and ice melts, there is going be quite the mess leftover.

If you have had any damage to your property (both exterior or interior) over the past few months due to the severe winter storms, call Classic Cleanouts of Stoneham, MA today.

Interior clean outs include the removal of:

  • Interior construction damaged caused by flooding
  • Damaged furniture
  • Broken down snow equipment

Exterior clean ups include:

  • Damages to roofs caused by ice dams
  • Yard/Landscape debris removal
  • Removal of damaged fences, siding, windows, sheds and hardscape

Ron Diemer, owner and operator of Classic Cleanouts provides excellent junk removal services to the Greater Boston areas. Residential and Commercial property owners all over New England can count on Ron and his team to make sure that all damaged items from the harsh winter months will be removed and properly disposed of.

Contact Ron today at 781-635-0620 for your FREE estimate of your property, or email us with any questions at!