Hoarding can be dangerous to not only your home but to one’s health and mental state as well. Hoarding can bring mold and bug infestations into your home as well as create structural damage and tripping hazards. Hoarding has also been known to overwhelm people, cause stress & anxiety, and drain energy levels. Here is a deeper dive into why and how hoarding causes all of these issues.

Health Risks

When it comes to hoarding, health risks can be a big concern. Mold can grow in areas that are unable to be seen because of all the clutter, making the home difficult to breathe in. Clutter can also fall on vents or block other airways, causing a lack of oxygen and rising carbon dioxide levels. This is extremely dangerous because the hoarder might not notice difficulty in breathing until it’s too late. Hoarding can also produce a lot of bacteria and diseases because of food and trash decomposing and deteriorating. Pests and vermins like roaches, ants, rats, mice, and others are also attracted to messes causing even more bacteria, viruses, and diseases to come into your home.

Physical Danger

Hoarding is capable of putting one in physical danger as well. With so much material in your house, if something were to catch on fire it is likely that it will quickly spread throughout the house. It is also more likely for a fire to start in a hoarding household since there is combustible material everywhere that may be touching heaters, stoves, or incandescent lightbulbs.

Structural damage may also be a problem because of the weight and uneven distribution of so much stuff. If floors collapse under the strain, that may lead to other support beams and walls of your home collapsing as well. Your home could also have water damage that is likely to go unnoticed. This can cause the inside of your home to decompose before you even realize it’s happening.

Lastly, hoarding can cause physical harm to the person or people living in the home. If something falls on someone or someone gets stuck beneath a pile of stuff it can severely hurt the individual.

Psychological Harm

If other people live in the same home as the hoarder, they can greatly be affected mentally and emotionally from living in the clutter. Family and friends not living in the home can be under much stress while watching their loved ones live in these conditions.

Living in these conditions can cause one to isolate themselves from the outside world because as the hoarding gets worse, they become embarrassed, shameful, and live in fear for what others may think of them.

Classic Cleanouts can help

For all of the above reasons, it is important to get the help needed early in any hoarding situation so that it does not escalate to the worst condition. If you’re in the Eastern Massachusetts area, contact Classic Cleanouts anytime for help clearing a hoarder’s home!

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