Completing a basement cleanout is a huge accomplishment and in order for it to stay clean, proper organization is necessary. If you properly organize after a cleanout you’ll avoid having to do another major cleanout anytime soon.

Tips for After a Basement Cleanout

  • Sort Everything. Chances are after a cleanout everything you’ve decided to keep is scattered around. You should create piles for everything, a few suggestions would be a holiday pile, seasonal clothing, miscellaneous items, and things you would use for athletic/sports.
  • Place piles in plastic bins. Plastic bins are great because they will protect your belongings from moisture and dust but you can still see everything that’s inside of them. This way if you’re looking for a specific item you will be able to see in the bin instead of having to open every one. This will save you both time and energy.
  • As you stack the bins to store them, make sure you are putting the heavier ones on the bottom.
  • Label your bins. Make sure you label them with an adhesive label so you can place a new label over them if you need and put labels on each side of them. This way no matter what angle you look at the bins you know what the bin is.
  • Be prepared for a power outage. Make sure you keep a flashlight by your fuse box, a great place is to hang it right beside it so you know where it is if you ever need it.
  • Use shelving. While you can stack storage bins, adding shelves to place them on will let you access the bins easier.
  • Don’t be scared to hang things. Hanging items like skis, toys, tools, bikes, or anything that you can easily hang will help eliminate a cluttered area.
  • Use the area under the stairs. Don’t waste any space and under the stairs is a place where people often will forget about. This is a great area for oddly shaped items that you can’t stack on shelves or hang on the wall.

If Classic Cleanouts helped you with a basement cleanout or not, we can help you get rid of any unwanted junk. We can help haul away any items to leave you with a clean and organized basement. To find out more about our basement cleanouts or to request a pickup you can contact us online or call us directly at (781) 558 – 2788.

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