Demolition & Construction

Here at Classic Cleanouts, we do it all. If you are a homeowner, contractor or investor and are looking for a complete gut out of a home or office building, or need to tear down a rickety old shed or deck, then we are your guys! We have handled a variety of demolition projects including taking apart boats, trailers, patios, decks and garages so we are confident we can handle yours! We also had the challenge of successfully breaking apart an impossible many ton safe!


Are you interested in learning more about our demolition and construction jobs? Are you in need of a demolition team that can get the job done? Call us today at (781) 635-0620 or submit a form for a free estimate! 

How It Works

  1. Fill out our online form inquiring about a free estimate of your demo job, or call us at (781) 635-0620
  2. We will get back to you right away and make an appointment to come out and evaluate the job
  3. We will come out at your earliest convenience, assess the site and give you a quote right on the spot
  4. We’ll get the job done quickly, and to your standards!